Dermal Fillers

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As we age, we lose volume in our face. Fillers are used to replenish that volume in areas where it may be needed. Common treatment areas are smile and frown lines. Fillers can also contour the face, sculpt your jawline, and enhance your lips, temples, cheeks, and more

Cost: $550 - $800 per syringe, dependent on treatment type and area.

Specialty areas include Lips and Eye Troughs (Under eye) $550-$800

For full face rejuvenation, the average is 1 syringe per decade of life (30's = 3).

Consultation required prior to treatment appointment. Package and service bundles may be available. Ask about them during your consultation. Same day consultations with treatment are available.

Please note, consultations are free if you book a service within 2 months or purchase skincare -  Consultation fee of $75 for injection and $50 for skincare will be credited.