IV Hydration and Vitamin Therapy

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IV Hydration by Nurse Candie is an advanced delivery system for vitamins, minerals, and amino acids essential to optimal health. Unlike regular vitamins taken orally, IV Hydration provides a 100% absorption rate by delivering nutrients straight into the bloodstream. This treatment supplies the body with an immediate source of nourishment on a cellular level. Vitamin infusions accelerate healing and recovery. IV Drips also supplement the body with essential vitamins and minerals that are scientifically proven to help you lose weight, feel better, improve physical performance, increase stamina, boost immunity, combat signs of aging, enhance mental clarity, and promote overall health.

• Replenish vital nutrients
• Hydrate and cleanse
• Boost natural defense systems
• Manage a healthy weight
• Support the function of joints and muscles
• Maximize physical performance
• Regain focus
• Restore your youthful glow
We will generate a custom treatment specific to helping you reach your healthiest you.